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IPA Spain Event: Tarragona Region 25th Anniversary Invitation

Dear friends,

IPA Tarragona, with almost 1.000 memberships, is celebrating 25 years indorsing and promoting relations between members of different police forces both at national and international level. This year we would like to celebrate this with commemorative events ending in a Gala.

These events are open to all IPA friends.

We would like to invite you to the „Gala of the 25th anniversary of IPA Tarragona”, which will take place on October 3, at 7:00 pm at “Refugi núm. 1 of the Costa del Port dock in Tarragona”.

During the Gala there will be presentations of gifts and diplomas in recognition of good will shown to IPA Tarragona.

Please also find attached the Program for all the activities and accommodation.

Please confirm your attendance at

I take the opportunity to send you our best wishes..

The President of IPA Tarragona

Anton Casas