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IPA Membership Card Template 2020 – updated link

To all National Sections & Presidents,

On behalf of Treasurer Social Affairs, Wolfgang Gabrutsch:

A couple of IPA sections have experienced issues regarding the quality of the templates when producing the 2020 membership cards. The templates have been improved with smoother lines on the globe surface on the card. The updated templates can be accessed by clicking the link below. For any IPA section that has already produced, or is in the process of producing their 2020 membership card templates, please be assured that they are still valid, and it is a very minor change.

New download link:  IPA MSC 2020 – Updated Templates

Kind Regards



IPA Information Guide – September 2019

Dear IPA friends,

Attached is the IPA Information Guide for September 2019. The guide can also be accessed online here: IPA Information Guide Sept 2019

Changes from the last edition include:

·         IPA France – Philippe Robert is the new National Treasurer

·         IPA Ireland has a new website (link on page 43)

If there are any changes to your section’s page, please email them to the IAC at

Kind Regards



Felhívás nyakkendő készítés ügyben

Az IPA Szombathelyi Szervezet megküldött egy tájékoztató anyagot, melyben IPA emblémás nyakkendő készíttetésére hívja fel a figyelmet. A megrendeléssel és szétosztással kapcsolatosan is vállalnak feladatot.
A mellékelt anyagban minden leírt Ribes Úr.
Kérem, hogy fontoljátok meg a megrendelést, hiszen már nagyon régen nem készült ilyen jellegű IPA relikvia.A megrendelést küldhetitek nekem is, de közvetlen a Ribes úr e-mailjére – ra.


Lovasi József

IPA MSZ Főtitkár

IPA Information Guide – April Edition

Please click here to view the latest edition of the IPA Information Guide:  IPA-InfoGuide-April19

The Guide has also been attached in pdf format for you.

Since the last edition, there have been changes to the following sections’ pages:

·         Botswana

·         Canada

·         Greece

·         Luxembourg

·         Macau

·         Mauritius

·         Netherlands

·         New Zealand

·         Romania

·         Slovenia

If your section has an update, please kindly send it to the IAC for inclusion in the next edition.

Kind Regards



IPA Newsletter April 2019

Dear IPA friends

Welcome to the April 2019 edition of the IPA Newsletter!

A pdf version has been attached for your convenience, and as always, a Word copy is available on request.

Please circulate the IPA Newsletter as appropriate – we will also publish it on the IPA international website and post it on social media.

I hope you enjoy this edition, and welcome your feedback J

Kind regards,

Elke Schülpen-Roberts

Office Manager & Newsletter Editor

IPA International Administration Centre

IPA Hosting Book – Version 09 – April 2019

Dear IPA Friends,

On behalf of the Socio-Cultural Commission, please find attached the IPA Hosting Book kindly updated for April 2019 by Vossie Vos of IPA South Africa.

Changes include:

Section Canada

Other Accommodation: Amended Website address on page 8

Section Germany

Official IPA House: The IPA House ‘Altes Schäferhaus’ in Büdingen, Germany, is now closed

Section Italy

Other Accommodation: Amended physical and email address of Stifterhof Castle

The Hosting Book can also be found in an online magazine version here: IPA-HostingBook-April2019 and will be updated on the IPA IAC website Tuesday 26th April (

If your IPA section would like to update the information contained in the Hosting Book, please contact Vossie at or the IAC at

Kind Regards