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Updated IPA Documents (IR and Compilation)

Dear IPA friends

For your convenience, please find attached the updated IPA International Rules (IR), following the changes implemented at the World Congress 2019, which resulted from motions IEB 2, IEB 3 and US 1.

In addition, I have attached an updated compilation of all IPA documents.

Please note that the application forms included in the compilation are for reference only.

The French, German and Spanish versions of the amended documents, plus the updated language versions of the compilation, will be sent to all relevant sections in the near future.

If you have any questions concerning the updated documents or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Elke Schülpen-Roberts

Office Manager

IPA International Administration Centre

Rendkívüli elnökségi ülés 2019.12.01-én!

Tisztelt Címzettek !

Ezúton tájékoztatlak benneteket, hogy december 01-én 10.00 órakor rendkívüli ülést szeretnék tartani. Amiről beszélnünk kell az személyes találkozó szükséges.

1. tájékoztató az éves helyzetünkről

2. az IPA Magyar Szekció helyzetéről

3. 2020. tisztújítás és 10 éves rendezvényük aktualitása.

Min. ez kb 20-40 percet vesz igénybe, közben zajlik majd az óév búcsúztató programunk is.

Mindenki megjelenésére feltétlenül számítok.


Lovasi József


Gal Sharon – International Vice President: Thanks

Dear friends

Now that we are after the election, I want to thank each one of you. Those who voted for me and those who didn’t.
We will continue to be friends and meet in the future as well. 

You are invited to visit Israel, the Holy Land. We would love to host you and friends from all sections in the world.

 IPA Israel will continue to be a major and leading section in collaboration with all sections in the world. 

Now I have more time for IPA Israel, as the vice president.

In our section it is a blessing and I will continue to do the best for all our members.

I wish that lot of sections will participate in the IPA games in Montenegro.

It was my dream, to initiate a big sports event for 100% IPA members.

 In Lisbon we had the first and historical games and I hope that the second IPA games will be bigger, better and with much more participants.

I wish to all the IEB members, success. To Elke and the IAC, thank you for everything. To Vivian and her team, thank you.

I wish Kyriakos, who replaced me, and the new SCC, the best. We had a great team.

See you all.

Adv. Gal Sharon   Vice  President


IPA Hosting Book – November Edition

Dear IPA Friends,

Here is your IPA Hosting Book, updated for November 2019,

Online version link: IPA Hosting Book – November 2019

Below are the applicable changes for the November issue:

Kyriakos KARKALIS: Added as the new Chairperson of the Socio-Cultural Commission (SCC) and Vice President (VP) – page 4

Section Australia

Contact details of both IPA Apartment Gold Coast and IPA Apartment Victoria have been updated – pages 20 and 21

Section Germany

Some changes to the following IPA Houses

  • Altes Rathaus: Phone numbers deleted (page 31)                           
  • Bork: Photo changed (page 35)                                                  
  • Solingen: Mobile no changed (page 42)
  • Allgäu: Photo changed (page 30)

Section Hungary

Other Accommodation added – DIPLOMAT APARTMENT HÉVÍZ (pages 11 and 91)

Section South Africa

Masada Lodge as Other Accommodation is no longer available for IPA members at a discounted rate and has been removed (page 117)


Hendrik (Vossie) Vos

64th IPA World Congress – Presentations + Videos links

We are sending you all the presentations and videos shown at the recent World Congress:

IPA 64th World Congress – Presentations Download

It is a large file (around 9.9 GB) so may take a little while to download. In order to make it easy to find files, we have added the agenda point they were shown at. If you have any questions, or need any assistance accessing the files, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

There is no deletion date with this download link.

Kind Regards

Kerry Ward

International Police Association

International Administration Centre

IPA Hosting Book – Version 11 (October 2019)

Dear All IPA Sections 

Please find attached Version 11 of the IPA Hosting Book. So too, find attached a Summary of the IPA House Portfolio highlighting the status of activities that were embarked upon over the term on the SCC which will be coming to an end at the IWC to be held in Croatia.

I do in this regard wish to express my sincere appreciation having been appointed to the Commission and assigned the Portfolio of IPA Houses. It has been a wonderful experience and which I will foster for years to come. 

There is sincere appreciation for the trust placed in me by the International President and the IEB. I do in this regard wish to specifically thank Gal Sharon, the International Vice President and SCC Chairperson for being given the opportunity to serve on the SCC. 

Over the past 4 years I have had just the best support from Gal, other SCC members and all Sections. Thankyou to all

I do also however wish to express a sincere word of appreciation to Elke and Kerry at the IAC. Their support, guidance and contributions have always been practical and professional. You are stars ladies.          

It has been a fantastic journey and I trust that the IEB, all Sections and members have benefited from the Hosting Book publications and Newsletter Articles. 

Official IPA Facilities

Section Belgium:

·         IPA Apartment Martin Beck: Just again to confirm that the Apartment is duly operational following renovations (Page 22)

·         Contact details of the National Guest House Coordinator, Joe Empsten and that of the Secretary General of the Section, André Nicolas has been amended (Page 7)

Section Finland: IPA House Ylläs

·         Amended the Booking and Contact information on Pages 9 and 27

Section Germany

·         Section Germany has a new IPA Facility available for IPA Members – IPA Apartment Bonn (Pages 10 and 32)

·         We wish to congratulate the Section with this initiative and trust that the Facility will be well supported by Members

Section Ireland

The Section’s Website and Booking information has been updated 

Other Accommodation

Section Isreal

•           3 x New Facilties are being made available to IPA Members (Pages 12, 93 and 94)

–             David Dead Sea Resort & Spa

–             Grand Beach Hotel

–             Grand  Court Hotel, Jerusalem

Section Spain (Page 124)

An IPA member of Section Netherlands has a Villa situated in the South of Spain that is available for IPA members as Other Accommodation under Section Spain

Section Poland (Page 108)

An IPA member of the Section has a Studio in the Village Cigacice close to Zielona Góra that is available for IPA members as Other Accommodation

IPA Greetings to all and thanking all for the most wonderful support

H (Vossie) Vos

SCC member

Portfolio of IPA Houses

IPA Houses website: