2017. június 23 -25. között Bonnban, a Hangelar repülőtéren (ICAO kódja EDKB) kerül sor az idei IPA FlyIN rendezvényre

2017. június 23 -25. között Bonnban, a Hangelar repülőtéren (ICAO kódja EDKB) kerül sor az idei IPA FlyIN rendezvényre, mely a repülést kedvelő rendőrök legnagyobb európai találkozója. Az eseményen saját, vagy bérelt repülőgéppel lehet részt venni. A jelentkezés feltétele, hogy a személyzet legalább egy tagja országa rendőrségének képviselője legyen.

A további részletek a mellékelt meghívóban találhatóak. A regisztrációt az alábbi honlapon lehet végrehajtani: www.ipa-flyin.de/dpa-flyin2017

To all aviation friends and pilots of police stations in Europe!

This year’s FlyIn of the IPA FLY IN takes place

in the period from Friday 23 June 2017 to Sunday 25 June 2017

in D – 53757 Bonn – Hangelar, Richthofenstraße 130,

on the “Hangelar” airfield, with the ICAO code EDKB, http://www.edkb.de,

instead of.

To this end, all police officers of the police services in Europe are invited to fly to the airfield Bonn-Hangelar with their own or chartered aircraft or air sports equipment of any kind and to exchange with police members of various countries in the sense of the IPA “Dienen by friendship”.

Condition is,

at least one crew member or aeronautical officer must be a member of the police of the respective country.

Registrations can be made using the online registration form


be performed.

All information about “IPA FlyIn” at this webside.

Contact details of the organizers:

Tatjana and Jochen Albert,

Tel .: +49 (0) 2232 – 42815

Tel. Mobile: +49 (0 152 – 29061900

E-Mail: jochen-hans.albert@t-online.de

Our hotel
We will be at the Hotel Hangelar in 53757 Sankt Augustin.

Double and single rooms are reserved in the hotel. The closing date is 10 March 2017.

The following costs are incurred:
In the single room: 74, – € / room / night incl. Breakfast,

In the double room: 94, – € / room / night incl. Breakfast

Registration for the FLYIN: 31 March 2017

The organization fees amount to 70, – € / person. In the amount

– is on Fridays coffee and cake as well as alcohol-free drinks,

– Friday evening the food and all drinks,

– on Saturdays the tour of the town and the visit of the “House of German History”,

– Saturday evening for the festivities a sect reception and the buffet,

– 1 land charge and for one night the parking fees,

– throughout the event the shuttle service,



Friday 23 June 2017

Arrival of the participants A relaxed cozy get-together at the Hangelar airfield or at the “Tant’Tinchen” restaurant.

Saturday June 24, 2017

In the morning, a guided tour of Bonn, the former capital and visit of the “House of History”.

In the afternoon sightseeing tour of the surrounding mountains and places of interest according to your own navigation calculation.

In the evening small evening in the restaurant “bell” with buffet in Sankt Augustin-Hangelar.

Establishment of the venue for the FlyIn 2018.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cozy breakfast in the hotel.

Trip and return journey of the participants according to own planning.

On one of the three days the mayor of the city of Bonn or his representative in the office will welcome the participants.
All participants will undertake their arrival and departure at their own risk, their own risk and responsibility.

With Aviation greeting

Tatjana and Jochen Albert

The organizers of the 22nd IPA FlyIn 2017