IPA Hosting Book – November Edition

Dear IPA Friends,

Here is your IPA Hosting Book, updated for November 2019,

Online version link: IPA Hosting Book – November 2019

Below are the applicable changes for the November issue:

Kyriakos KARKALIS: Added as the new Chairperson of the Socio-Cultural Commission (SCC) and Vice President (VP) – page 4

Section Australia

Contact details of both IPA Apartment Gold Coast and IPA Apartment Victoria have been updated – pages 20 and 21

Section Germany

Some changes to the following IPA Houses

  • Altes Rathaus: Phone numbers deleted (page 31)                           
  • Bork: Photo changed (page 35)                                                  
  • Solingen: Mobile no changed (page 42)
  • Allgäu: Photo changed (page 30)

Section Hungary

Other Accommodation added – DIPLOMAT APARTMENT HÉVÍZ (pages 11 and 91)

Section South Africa

Masada Lodge as Other Accommodation is no longer available for IPA members at a discounted rate and has been removed (page 117)


Hendrik (Vossie) Vos